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Making out and revealing those lengthy schlongs

Gay Naked xXx Making out and revealing those lengthy schlongs.

The request was, and I quote. The two are gay porn stars and are a favorite pairing among their popular audience. As they are in the middle of, or as they are getting ready for, a steamy sex scene, something goes horribly, hilariously wrong.

For one thing, for a genre that had for decades been dominated by men who rather looked like testosterone-sprouting musclebound space marines, Squall Leonhart, who had been dubbed 'Peachybutt' by his loving and Making out and revealing those lengthy schlongs fan base, had the slender built of a swimmer or a dancer as well as a delicate, almost pretty face, the likes of which one was more likely to see in a teen flick than on the DVD cover of a gay porn video.

In fact, during his 'discovery', when he had been approached by Rinoa Heartilly, now his agent, and been handed the business card of an adult studio amidst flattering chatter and promises of easily-made money, Making out and revealing those lengthy schlongs had only snorted, thrown the card into the next rubbish bin and done his best to get away from this woman as fast as he could.

As her persistence had shown, though, not even Squall was entirely resistant to the lure of money and even his pride had a prize. So here he was now; Squall Leonhart, age 18, one of the hottest new porn stars in the business. He could remember the past few months as little more than a blur, really; too many different faces, names, positions, costumes, creepy manager dudes who flashed yellow teeth whenever they smiled and the glare of ever-changing wide headlights above semen-soaked sheets all bleeding into one quivering mass of memory.

The most constant variable throughout the months had been the ever-persistent burning in his ass.

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He could hear her sigh on the other end of the line. I've already told you, the two of you are -". Squall stirred his cup of coffee. Black, black as the pit of Satan's soul - just the way Squall liked it. He heard her laugh. Was it just him, or did she enjoy this a bit more than she should?

The story of Squall 'Peachybutt'...

He's not that bad - if he weren't gay, you know She cleared her throat, but her voice carried her smile as she went on, "Just try to be professional about this. They were so happy with the sales of the last movie you shot with him that they're going to double your pay this Making out and revealing those lengthy schlongs, so congratulations. Squall rolled his eyes dramatically. Talk to you later, then. Another shot with Seifer Almasy, or Long Schlong as his fans had dubbed him.

The guy who had asked him out on more than one occasion with those wriggly eyebrows of his and that million watt smirk. The guy who seemed to not be willing to take 'no' for an answer and who seemed to think that Squall was joking when he said he did not date, much less someone from work.

As compatible as they were in bed, Squall had ample reason to want to avoid the guy to his best abilities, and yet the fan base seemed to be quite intent on pairing them up as often as they could. He was still looking for the pieces of his soul he had compromised that one day, when he had googled for his name and run across a website dedicated to fan fiction written about him and Seifer in love.

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What had that godforsaken story been like? Make me feel better!

Squall made a face like he had just bitten into a lemon, got up and stalked into the bathroom to take a shower and style his hair. Seifer's penis wouldn't be the only thing that would be long today - the entire day stretched out in front of him like a wasteland, and Squall shut the bathroom door with a bit more force than was perhaps necessary. Squall removed his sunglasses with a swift gesture, then shook his brown bangs out of his face.

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Great, you couldn't even enjoy a cup of coffee before shoots now without being bothered by your overzealous coworkers now, could you?

Seifer's face split into a smirk before he let himself fall into the chair opposite of Squall's.

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