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Do not scroll down if you are not comfortable viewing graphic images of wounds.

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The images below are extremely graphic. Just looking at it made me feel dizzy. There are going to be a lot of skin grafts and PT in his future. Septicemia abscess by the looks of it, Cole money fratmen from heroin use. Meth is a possibility as are botfly and certain spiders.

Roids are usually shot in the butt. No matter the cause, I hope he Cole money fratmen and regains use of his arm quickly.

Yeah, there have been a few isolated cases where it was sold as heroin and it was squashed as soon as the police figured it out.


Not all of these were proven to be krokodil and may have just been dirty whatever. Rhabomylosis also fits, but is not a blood disease.

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It looks like a flesh-eating bacteria necrotizing fasciitis that will require one hell of a lot of immensely strong antibiotics.

It can be cured — but it can also be lethal. It killed a friend of mine. I wish the man the very best and will be thinking about Mr Money.

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I hope they can save his arm. Thank you VERY much for the multiple warnings. I read the first complete tweets and then scrolled, scrolled, scrolled. I enjoy your continued cuntiness peppered with self-righteous indignation… sooooo believable.

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I hope he brings in more than double his goal. People come here to say what they feel. A lot of times we are harsh and yes, insensitive. Very rarely is it meant with some serious malice. That does not disqualify him from sympathy as far as I am concerned, but when you share your drama Cole money fratmen social media you are giving permission for people to comment up, down left, and right on it.

Anyone who does not like it should try the radical concept of keeping your medical business off social media. Your basic point is correct, tho, we do not know.