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The Empire of Brazil was a 19th-century state that broadly comprised the territories which form modern Brazil and until Uruguay.

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The new country was huge but sparsely populated and ethnically diverse. Unlike most of the neighboring Hispanic American republicsBrazil had political stability, vibrant economic growth, constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech, and respect for civil rights of its subjects, albeit with legal restrictions on women and slaves, the latter regarded as property and not citizens.

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The empire's bicameral parliament was elected under comparatively democratic methods for the era, as were the provincial and local legislatures. He faced other obstacles.

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Indespite his role in Brazilian independence, he became the king of Portugal; he immediately abdicated the Portuguese throne in favor of his eldest daughter. Consider asking it at the Wikipedia reference desk.

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The senators are voting on the Golden Law as a large crowd watches in the background. A few moments after signing the Golden LawPrincess Isabel is greeted from the central balcony of the City Palace by a huge crowd below in the street. Brazilian artillery in position during the Paraguayan War A photograph dating from c.

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From left to right: The Brazilian ironclad warship Riachuelo Whites and afro-descendants gathered in Rio de Janeiro province Brazilian southeastc. Brazil's 19th-century elections were very democratic for the time, but were plagued by frauds.

Brown Brazilians left to right: In practice, any employed male citizen could qualify to vote. As such, most electors had low income. Empire of Brazil at its largest territorial extent, —, including former Cisplatina province.

The Empire of Brazil, c. The City Palaceseat of the Brazilian Imperial government, in A state ceremony in the Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro for which attendees were required to wear court dress. Neutral Municipality is Rio de Janeiro, the imperial capital which was located within the province of the same name.

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Brazil's borders in as established by international treaties; In grey: A large group of slaves gathered on a farm in the province of Minas Gerais Brazilian southeast This map shows where ethnic groups predominated within Brazil: Recifecapital of Pernambuco Brazilian northeasttwo years after the end of the Praieira revolt.

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Refresh with new selections below purge. Politics of the Empire of Brazil took place in a framework of a quasi-federal parliamentary representative democratic monarchy, whereby the Emperor of Brazil was the head of state and nominally head of government although the President of the Council of Ministers was effectively the de facto head, and of a multi-party system.

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Executive power was exercised by the government. Legislative power was vested in both the government and the two chambers of the General Assembly or Parliament. The Judiciary was independent of the Executive and the Legislative.

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The Empire of Brazil was divided into 20 provinces and the Neutral Citycapital of the country. The provinces of Brazil were the primary subdivisions of the country during the period of the Empire of Brazil - On February 28,provinces were established in the Kingdom of Brazil then still part of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves superseding the captaincies that were in place at the time.

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Do you have a question about Empire of Brazil that you can't find the answer to? Slaves including their free children gathered in a coffee farm in Brazil, c.

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A railroad station in Minas Gerais province Brazilian southeastc. A Brazilian family and its female slave house servants, c. A trio of Brazilian friarsc.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. João VI later returned to Portugal, leaving his eldest son and heir, Pedro, to rule the Kingdom of Brazil as regent. On 7 SeptemberPedro declared the.