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Rubbing my gym buddy

Gay Nude 18+ Rubbing my gym buddy.

My names Alex and i recently turned 19, which in england is no Rubbing my gym buddy deal, i study in london, doing a medicine course and i guess im what you americans call a 'nerd'. Im not at all sporty and regulary tend to avoid the gym, because id only embarrass myself when compared to the toned, 6 pack gods known as the grunts at my school.

Im mixed race, skinny and stand at about 5ft 9" with trimmed hair and brown eyes, nothing exciting. I have a 6" dick when hard, again, nothing exciting, but the day i had an encounter with reece wood was extremely exciting.

I was walking through university, it was quite late and not many people were around, so i took a shortcut through the gym. Reece was in there, lifting weights as usual, and was the only one in the gym.

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He looked up and his pale blue eyes instantly made me blush. Now reece, god, reece was roughly 6ft and was darker skinned than myself, he had perfect hair and a nice chin strap.

His muscles Rubbing my gym buddy so perfect, i could take a picture and admire them for the rest for my life, 8 pack, the whole shabang. Now, i continued walking but all of a sudden he told me to stop. Now i began to panic, i thought he had been watching me and noticed me checking him out, i was petrified he would beat me up, cus lets face it, he could break my bones with a hug!

I just said "oh god please, ill do anything! You name it" "wait At this point, reece moved closer and told me to give him my hand, which Rubbing my gym buddy did. He grabbed my hand and before i could think to pull away, placed it on his semi-hard cock.

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I could feel it throbbing through his silky shorts, and all i could do is start to rub it, from the base all the way to his chunky head, feeling it gradually harden Well its yours to ride for free, all you got to do is meet me in the showers.

All i did was nod. He pulled away and Rubbing my gym buddy his cock out of his shorts, he let it hang, then started toying with it, and rubbing it on my leg, he then gently kissed my neck, and his breath gave me shivers.

I quickly placed my folders in my locker and calmed myself before also heading off to the showers. I walked in to see reece already naked, stood int the steamy shower, the water dripping off his head, past his rock hard pecs, over the bumps of his abs, and finally, running off if the tip of his cock, my dick throbbed with sheer enjoyment.

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He whistled at me, and summoned me over with his head, i started to walk over, undressing as i went. I was Rubbing my gym buddy nervous to get naked, seeing as his cock was 7. You want to know what its like to be with a grunt?

Ill show you, kiss me. I kissed him and he parted my lips with his tongue and we began kissing, my dick was now hard, but i could still feel his half hard cock rubbing on my thigh.

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As we kissed, he reached round to my ass and started spanking me. You want my huge rod in your tight hole?

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He started to finger my ass, slowly rubbing the surface, then penetrating and going deep inside. It felt so good, i had to have him.

Let me take that dark meat deep in my throat" i begged. And he was right, i slowly go Rubbing my gym buddy my knees and looked up at him, while he gently licked his lips, i took the dick into my hand and assessed it, whilst gently fondling with his low hanging balls.

I then licked the head, and slowly wrapped my mouth around his now 8. He let out the most orgasmic moan, it made me so hard.

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I started to make my way down his dick, in and out, going deeper each time, until all of his meat was in my mouth. His thick uncut dick tasted so good, i continued to suck, picking up any precum along the way, and licking the base as i reached it.

I then moved onto the balls, sucking on them, and stretching them letting them flick back into place. I obeyed him and bent over, presenting my firm ass and hungry hole.

He got on his knees and began to eat my ass.

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I felt his tongue circle myhone, then gradually enter, just reaching inside. The pleasure was intense, and before i knew it, he was stood up, and gently pressing his rock solid 9" cock against my hole. At first, the pain was unreal, and i whimpered to myself, but he started to move and all that was left was indescribable pleaseure.

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The water ran down my back, as he started ti get faster and harder, his balls slapping against my thighs. You like how im making you feel?

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I groaned, he was going so fast that an intense feeling rushed over me, "harder! Reece got onto the floor and lead on his back, and nice chunk of meat poking into the air.

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Instead i climbed on, placing his thick dick back into my hole and beginning to bounce. We were both panting, and after a good 5 minutes of riding i got off and fell into his arms. We lead there, on the shower floor jerking our dicks, occassionally kissing.

I watched him work his dick, looking at the pleasure he got from it, he knew how to work his junk. I was the first to come, blowing my load all over my chest, he smiled.

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He was now groaning loudly, screaming my name. Fuck you, so fucking hot, fuck my fucking dick!

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I swallowed it all, trying to savour the taste. Before i knew it, he was up and walking off. And he left, i was left on the floor, touching myself to the god like grunt who was, reece crawley. Review s 0 Add review.

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