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How many more detours are we going to take? Their destination was a small, out-of-the-way town that was rumored to be plagued by a fierce demon. As usual, once Rath caught scent of anything demonic, he made a beeline for the inevitable battle.

He sounded entirely too cheerful about all this. We can't wander around slaying every demon on the continent forever!

A crash in the underbrush caught their attention. Without warning, something leapt out onto the path in front of them, and Rath found himself nose-to-nose with the point of a very sharp blade.

The girl who held the sword had long, flowing hair that was black as a raven's wing. Her eyes were a brilliant sapphire that shone like twin blue flames.

She wore a skimpy sky blue tank top and a black miniskirt with a blue rose pattern. A sapphire choker adorned her neck, and several bracelets clattered on both her arms. Most noticeably, a small black dragon sat on her shoulder. I'm the Dragon Knight of Darkness! Prepare to die, demon! She took a swing with her sword, which Rath ducked. He didn't get back up, instead falling to the ground, clutching his sides and shaking with laughter.

Cesia covered her face Stunning knights jabbing a hand. Get up, this isn't funny.

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The fire Knight snickered on the ground. Hey girl, say your intro again! Except this time pose or something. I think this girl is one of those Mary Sue creatures. They're worse than Nadil! My memories were erased and I was separated from my family. However, when I found my dragon my memories returned.

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This choker keeps my power in check, or I would be able to destroy the world. Cesia took out a cell phone. I gotta make a call. We have a Mary Sue problem over here. No, she hasn't done Stunning knights jabbing damage yet. No, Rath is currently laughing his ass off at her.

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Raven looked mildly taken aback. Curiously, she asked, "why do you laugh? Are Stunning knights jabbing not astounded by my beauty and mystique? This one was a kid — probably no more then thirteen years of age. He held up an ID. Kirin gave the girl a once-over. She hasn't rooted herself into the story yet.

If you're lucky, you'll actually become a good original character. If you fail, well, that's what gas chambers are for.

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Raven's sapphire eyes darkened. Come quietly or stuffed in a body bag.

Either way, you're not staying here to seduce Rath. I think you have your work cut out for you Stunning knights jabbing that anyway. Kirin sighed, rolled under the elaborate move, and jabbed her side with an electric cattle prod.

Raven's sword Stunning knights jabbing on the ground from her shaking hands. Changed your mind yet? You'll need to get your files in order at HQ, then it's straight to the camp. Training lasts as long as you shape up or piss us off to the point where you become a lost cause. Questions will be answered later and by someone with more patience than I.

Get it, got it, good? Cesia breathed a sigh of relief. Cesia shook her fist at him warningly. Get up, we've wasted enough time here.

She also admits to being lazy. Greetings, readers and writers alike.

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I am Luna Crescent, commonly referred to Stunning knights jabbing simply 'Luna C. I am the proud founder of the AMSA, a gathering of brave writers who have a firm grasp on the English language and reality. Let's face it; Mary Sues are a dream to the creator. They are, after all, a wish-fulfillment.

How we wish we were beautiful, flawless, adored, and perfect. Wake-up call, little eleven-year-olds, this is reality. It's not your dream world or your fantasy land.

You can't be perfect here. As much as you think they're wonderful and just so cool, your Mary Sues are literally impossible. We're not saying Stunning knights jabbing smarter than you though in some cases that could be argued or better, but we are saying that your Mary Sues are stupid. Mary Sues may even get kicked out of Hell. I'm sure that many of you out there are going, "but my characters aren't perfect! Side characters can be flat, but not the main character of a story.

There are many people out there who can't recognize a Stunning knights jabbing Sue. There will always be someone who likes your story, no matter how repulsive it is. You can't rely of these people to know where your story stands.

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Stunning knights jabbing However, that's your view, and everyone is biased. Are you really comfortable knowing there are people out there who hate your characters and have pointed out what was wrong with them?

Are you still sure that they're perfect the way they are? Of course you like them, they are yours after all. That doesn't mean they're any good.