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Gay fart sniffing

Gay Sexy Video Gay fart sniffing.

If any of this is an issue, turn around. Following Owen on his quest to please King Butt. This is a random idea that turned me on and I played around with it for a while.

Wrote this chapter weeks ago and forgot about it. When I was fourteen my mother remarried. The guy Gay fart sniffing married was named Brian. Brain was a strong guy, pretty buff.

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He had blond hair, long Gay fart sniffing, and two giant globes for ass cheeks. It was just so awkward for me. Brian was set out to change that though.

Two weeks after he and my mother came back from their honeymoon Brian decided that he would be taking me on a trip to his hometown, just the two of us. When the day arrived we said our goodbyes and Brian and I left.

When we arrived in his home town Brian was so excited, he pointed every little thing out to me. When we got to his childhood home Brian bought it off his parents when they decided to move out we Gay fart sniffing the car and went inside.

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The house was pretty great, it was super elegant. He brought me Gay fart sniffing and showed home the bed rooms and bathrooms, he told me that I would be sleeping in his old bedroom. He told me to settle In and unpack while he called my mother.

I unpacked my clothes and the started to explore his childhood bedroom. I peeked in drawers and looked at old pictures. Gay fart sniffing was a football player and a wrestler in high school. I even found a bag that held all of his old football gear. A half an hour later I went down to eat. Brian had made broccoli rabe and steak.

At this point i was so shocked and confused, I went from having two word conversations with this guy, to him accusing me of having a fart fetish. And why do you keep calling yourself my daddy?!

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Stop it sounds gross. After that he turned around quickly and pulled the back of my head Into his Jean clad ass. He farted right on my face.

Only a few seconds after he ripped three more rapid farts on my face. His farts smelled like something rotten was burning, it was horrid. I yelled into his ass to let me go, but my muffled screams did nothing to help me. He farted Gay fart sniffing more, but this one was more loud, it was still just as gross.

I love you daddy, thank you for farting on my face, and helping me fulfill my fart fetish. Then he released me, I took huge breaths of fresh air, I had never been in such a gross scenario. I wanted to kill him. Gay fart sniffing

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I wish I had never said that. With that Brian forcfully grabbed me.

He sat back down and pulled me over his knee. He pulled my pants and under wear down exposing my bare ass. I squirmed my body so much, but my strength was no match for his.

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I screamed out as he gave me a spanking. After me saying that Brian let go of me. I rolled off of him and fell to the floor. With that Brian grabbed me in a sleepers hold, and held me until I knocked out. I woke up on his Gay fart sniffing, my arms and legs were tied to the headboard and my mouth was tapped shut.

I could feel some kind of cloth was balled up in my mouth too, it tasted disgusting, like sweat and stink. I started to panic, but then Brian rushed to my side.

I just needed to tie you up so you would cooperate better. I winced with disgust. Brian stood up, from kneeling at my side and climbed onto the bed. He straddled my chest, this is when I noticed what he was wearing. He had taken off his regular clothes and changed into his old high school singlet. It was extremely tight on him. Every muscle was defined, especially his hard ass cheeks. I was so scared. I stopped squirming and just lied there at his mercy.

So you promise to do whatever I tell you, even when I untie you? I shook my head up and down rapidly. Even though I knew whatever he had in store for me was probably hrrible, one week of it was Gay fart sniffing better than two. He straddled my head so that if he were to sit ever so slightly my face would be in between his butt cheeks. His ass did look pretty great in it though, the tight fabric really put his massive globes on display. A few seconds later he ripped a massive fart"ohhhh yaaaaa" he moaned, as the smell seeped through his singlet and up my nose.

I did as Gay fart sniffing was told, and took a huge deep breath in through my nose, the smell was so Gay fart sniffing. Brian began grinding his ass up and down my face, making sure my nose never left his butt crack. Once again the smell was horrendous, this time like rotten eggs. He sat on my face for another five minutes farting at least six more times. Then he got off of my face, and lied across my entire body. He positioned his mouth right over my nose and burped extremely loud.

Then he started to laugh. I felt like I was going to throw up. I immediately called up my best friend, and good old Connor told me to come up to his office.

We both started working at this multi-billion dollar corporation last year and in 3 months he became CFO. This baffled everyone else but not me. He would just talk with his teachers in private and he would instantly ace the class. I chuckle at the thought, with tears still trickling down my face.

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Connor comes back into the Gay fart sniffing with a cup of water and looks at me worriedly. Connor sits down next to me, hands me the cup of water, and I thank him.

We should be heading out to a bar and celebrating that, that she-devil is out of your life. And if the bar we hit turns out to be a gay bar, then all-the-better.

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