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T urkey may be in turmoil and the vast city of Istanbul in ferment, bridling at the antics of a government struggling to cope with scandal and sleaze, Turkish sleazy sex in Kasimpasa quarter, the prime minister's troubles raise barely a shrug.

A conservative, lower-middle-class district bordering the Golden Horn and predominantly inhabited by Turks from the Black Sea coast, Kasimpasa loves Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the powerful prime minister increasingly reviled across Turkey and tarnished internationally. His party has achieved so much. They build many roads and bridges, make Turkish sleazy sex better for all of us.

They keep the city clean. They do a very good job. There is no other party.

We love them," says Turkish sleazy sex, also a teenage student. Kasimpasa is only a stone's throw from Taksim Square, the centre of last summer's massive anti-government protests, but most people here only heard of the unrest on TV. Erdogan grew up in Kasimpasa and remains a hero Turkish sleazy sex the district, which is known as an AKP stronghold.

The stadium of the local football club, Kasimpasa Spor, was recently renovated and renamed after him. The district seems almost untouched by the ongoing political crisis: In a local barber's shop, Cavit, 43, puts aside his razors and scissors to explain why Erdogan can do no wrong. It's a world of difference now: The prime minister works very hard, gives everything for Turkey.

What else is [Erdogan] supposed to do? Turkey is the most beautiful country on Earth. And we owe much to the prime minister, who has worked so tirelessly to make our life better. The owner of the shop, Yasar Ayhan, regularly shaves the prime minister when he is in town. His year-old father grew up with Erdogan living only a few streets from his modest business.

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He is referring to the almost daily drip-feed of sensational corruption allegations that have engulfed the prime minister Turkish sleazy sex December, including the posting on social media of tapped telephone conversations and government meetings that have left the Erdogan administration looking sleazy and discredited.

The latest bombshell came last Thursday, with the release on YouTube of alleged recordings of a secret government meeting in which officials discussed the possibility of instigating awar with Syria. Erdogan responded ferociously, closing down Twitter Turkish sleazy sex YouTubepurging the police, judiciary and prosecution service, harassing the media and arresting journalists.

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Sometimes seen as an all-powerful contemporary sultan, Erdogan has also reacted by portraying himself as the victim of foreign and domestic plots aimed at his overthrow.

Esra says she does not mind the crackdown on internet freedom.

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It's good that they closed it. There was a lot of bad language, too," she says. Nobody talks to each other any more. If they closed that, we would read more and talk more.

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