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What causes of loose vagina?

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One that is totally wrong is the notion that having too much sex causes the vaginal muscles to loosen. This is very far from the truth. Understanding how the vaginal muscles work will help you distinguish the truth from the trash.

The scientifically proven ways that cause loose vagina include. Aging of the body. Just like any other muscles, the vaginal muscles become less efficient with time.

This is a natural occurrence that happens to every woman.

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There is, however, ways to ensure you keep it tight even as you grow older. A lot of pressure is exerted on the pelvic muscles increasing the chances of having a loose vagina especially if there is not much recovery time before the next child. Some medical conditions can cause one to have a loose vagina. This is why the regular gynecologist visits are so important.

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If you have a loose vagina, all is not lost as there are various vagina tightening home remedies to treat this. Here are the top 3.

One that is totally wrong...

Vinegar is one of the easiest home remedies to tighten the vagina. Vinegar helps clean up the vagina removing menstrual reside, bacterial infections and many impurities that cause the weakening of the cervix.

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Vinegar restores elasticity and strength to the cervical walls. Vinegar in bath water for females works so well by leveling the PH of the vagina.

These exercises are one of the most popular and easy to do exercises to ensure a tighter vagina. They work by targeting the weakness that causes the loose vagina hence increasing the control one has over contracting these muscles.

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