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This course is a seminar, and therefore relies on informed comments Instructor: The grade for "Presence" includes Contact: You will be graded on your ability to analyze and synthesize Office: Room Benedict Hall images and readings; on the frequency, relevance and insights of your Class Times: Presence grades will be calculated from: Playing drums, performing stories, touching stones, creating wildly Finally: You are expected to treat this classroom as if you were on an colorful altars, dancing, eating and drinking special substances, are all airline flight: That is, all electronic devices must be turned off and safely basic religious activities.

Religions are deeply, stubbornly physical and stowed away for the duration of our flights. Cell phones will not be sensual. This class aims to re-imagine approaches to religion by tolerated in this classroom, and laptops are not allowed, except on grounding them in physical encounters between human Sensual bb and particular days.

A ringing phone or text messaging during class will result sensual objects. Examples will range across Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, in that student being marked absent for the day. Christian, and Jewish rituals and symbols, and readings will Sensual bb from art history to anthropology to Sensual bb, as well as religious studies.

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We will Weekly Blogs. Most Approximately words each. A blogsite will be set up for the weeks will work comparatively, looking at particular sensual religious course.

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Your entries should demonstrate at least one key theme or idea experiences across two or more traditions. Show why Required texts: They are to be posted every Tuesday evening by 8pm, except where Course Requirem ents: Be prepared to discuss your work in class. And because they are intended Presence. This grade includes attendance and as conversation starters for the class, No late blogs will receive credit.

You are required to have read before class, Sensual bb prepared to discuss the readings and images.

Either Statement on Disabilities Project One or Two can be rewritten and turned in later in the semester Prof Plate will work with any students with disabilities as need be. Further information about each will be discussed in Students should Sensual bb Prof Plate in the first two weeks of class to class.

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If in question, feel free to Project One will be a Photo Essay. You will take five pictures contact Prof Plate.

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General grading levels for written assignments: Project Two will be a Sound Essay. D -- Sensual bb effort, but the information and explanation are weak. Project Three will be an Object Essay. You will choose one object from the Wellin Museum and write a supporting essay C -- articulates what you think clearly. You need to engage in a more about it. B -- explores why you think the Sensual bb you do.

W riting This is a Writing Intensive course, and thus writing will be key to all that A -- reserved for excellence, when you Sensual bb the material as a we do. We will meet the WI requirement through individual meetings springboard for higher-level thinking.

You elaborate a creative and with Prof Plate to discuss student projects, through multiple written original take on the readings, viewings, and issues, and you Sensual bb your assignments, and the rewriting of one paper, thoughts in your own voice.

You go beyond stating your point of view to See Sensual bb Writing Center's website, and especially the "Hamilton evaluate the pros and cons of thinking the way you do. College Style Sheet" page.

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