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Assuming you accept these numbers and you'd have reason not to, as we'll seeif you're a guy sporting a respectable if not eye-popping unless you have terrible aim 6-inch My 9 inch dick, over half the men you meet should bow to your kingly scepter, though you probably shouldn't actually tell them so, because of how they might pop you in the eye.

Despite a technical issue solvable with a bit of effort, which is why I didn't solve it that prevented an exact-enough calculation of the numbers for men with 13 and So clearly, at least with respect to the more tripodal males, dick-size is not normally distributed; we find far too many anacondas among the trouser-snakes.

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In the middle, our numbers look a bit more believable, and as for the pubically stubby, well, they can continue buying SUVs and guns.

Difficulties abound in collecting data on this emotionally-fraught subject. In what might represent the best example of science tending to demonstrate the incredibly bleeding obvious which I like to call, rather My 9 inch dick, the "no shit, Sherlock" effectwe note that self-reported penis sizes tend to be rather larger than--in the immortal words of Wikipedia's article on penis size --"staff-measured" penis sizes.

It will always vary from...

I feel confident that, asked to participate in a self-measurement survey, I would immediately demand a yardstick. Tell no small lies about how not-small you are.

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On the subject of penile veracity, the prevalence of 8- and 9-inch dicks self-attributed to Web commenters would seem far higher than we expect from the distribution.

Three explanations for this My 9 inch dick suggest themselves: Comments on porn videos featuring men of average endowment frequently heap scorn on these performers, leading us to suspect that a mechanism similar to the "he who smelt it dealt it" law familiar from the field of fart-attribution might be at work: I am a statistician, not a poet.

And well I know it. And by "statistician" I mean: Well, a "B", but close to an "A".

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I think we might take as a kind of psychological rule of thumb that the more expansive your claims for the pipe-wrench-like proportions of your tool, the more likely we are to be discussing one of those screwdrivers used to adjust eyeglasses. Returning to our discussion of the penis-size distribution, debate abounds, especially on adult message boards frequented by gay statisticians, about this larger-than-expected number of larger-than-expected penises.

As we've noted, with respect to more edificial penises, more exist than the normal distribution would predict.

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