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Mopping floor

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Not really the most exciting subject matter. Your basic hard-working kitchen, bathroom, and entryway type of floors. Back in the day, when I used to run a branch of a certain green-aproned coffee shop, Mopping floor had tiled floors that got a lot of traffic and got very dirty.

One day we got a visit from the rep of the cleaning chemical company we used and he gave us a little lesson on how to properly clean floors. That moment changed my life! This method really works! You start out by filling a bucket or your kitchen sink with hot water and some kind of cleaning solution. If you have a favorite, by all means, use that.

A little dish soap and some vinegar does the trick just as well too! If you do use the kitchen sink like I do, as with any time that you add unusual amounts of ick to it that may result in some kind of cross-contamination, be it rinsing out raw Mopping floor in there or using it as a big tub of hot soapy water for spring cleaning your house, use common sense!

Please make sure that you clean out your sink and surrounding countertops thoroughly afterwards to avoid unwanted contact with floor germs. Next, grab your mop! Despite all the new-fangled mopping gizmos out there, a classic cotton mop is Mopping floor the best. It holds on to water and dirt, but it also lets it go.

The great thing about these types of mops is that you can take the mop head off and wash it either in a washing machine or by hand and then dry it out really well.

Several people have asked about this mop. Spread the water over that small area using only swishes of your mop.

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My mop twists on itself to Mopping floor out, but yours may use an attachment on your mop bucket. Both work just fine! Only swish your mop back and forth about three times over that spot!

So then you just go all around your floor, putting clean water down and then picking it back up a few seconds later.

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If you like clever cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks like this, check out my new book The Cleaning Ninja! I have A Mopping floor service and I use the Libman mop, and those I know use it as well and love it, including my clients who have massive homes.

Norwex mops are the best- the wet mop pad has silver in it which helps to purify the mop pad when you are done cleaning. I have a lot of people who have their own cleaning business Mopping floor that use Norwex!

You should check Mopping floor out! Check it out on my website! I have real hardwood floors. This method would ruin them. BUT the Mopping floor is still the best method. It picks up more water faster.

I use the same procedure but with a little less water. I also use a VERY little liquid furniture polish to keep the floors shiny. We have bamboo flooring in our kitchen and dinette … tile in our powder room, hall and entry.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Like washing dirty shoes! Bathing the dog and cleaning sports equipment.

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I only use my kitchen sink for dishes only I agree with above yucklaundry Mopping floor is for other stuff. Another reader just reminded me of this too!

I use my sink for everything and clean it out constantly, but I forgot that not everyone does that! Thanks for pointing that one out. I also use my sink to clean Mopping floor, but definitely use common sense and clean it thoroughly with bleach and lysol around all counter tops!

I even scrub the sink and surrounding areas after I wash dishes.

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I almost never end up using my sink for dishes, but I do still Mopping floor everything down in that area at least a couple of times throughout the day.

I just like the shine! I seen this pin on Pinterest and love it.

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You really gave some good ways Mopping floor mop my floors! I to use my sink to mop but I clean it out afterwards really good. I use the new Clorox wipes first then use baking soda to bring out the shine. I do this also for my counters.

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I about died reading some of these. But will use the bath tub that we stick our children in? Neither do I but I think using the sink is gross.

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