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Gay anal beads tumblr

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Love playing with power etc! Thanks for the suggestion! Thank you for your suggestion!

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I can try and write a story that includes facesitting but I do have a few stories which have those kinds of scenes in them! Joe regretted devouring his little brother almost immediately after shoving him up his ass.

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He needed more prey if he was going to be satisfied. Joe shrugged and ordered take-out to be delivered so he could have his next meal and then he would look at the menu to eat the actual food and not the next delivery boy. I stood there, frozen and speechless as I witnessed the events unfold before my eyes.

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Four of my close friends and I had decided to go away on a vaccination for Gay anal beads tumblr few weeks, one final get-together before we all went our separate ways, but everything went wrong within a few moments. We were near the end of our holiday and we decided to go into town for a heavy night of drinking to celebrate what had been a successful getaway.

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The passage was dark and it creeped me out. It came from a man who stepped out the shadows, he was tall, very muscular and wore tight clothing to show his body off. As he turned my eyes caught on to his incredible ass, it was so huge that it looked like the seams on his pants were ready to burst at any moment!

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The way his ass swung side to side with each step was practically hypnotic. In the flash of a second the man turned on us and quickly began to attack my friends and I!

He was much stronger and was able to best us. The very ass we had made fun of was now revealed as he rolled his trousers down his legs, releasing his mammoth cock as he did so.

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And I stood there. I watched as he wriggled around and moved as he assisted his body in devouring my friends, friends that to him were nothing more than ass food. I finally gained the courage to face him before my other friends, including Mike, faced the same fate.

He just kept thrusting his hips back and forth, moaning in pleasure. I started to Gay anal beads tumblr around him and soon enough I saw why he was paying me no attention, I again was too late. Two fell prey to his ass as I had witnessed and two were constricted by his cock and then there was just me, on my knees and in an emotional state.

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Once he was finished with Gay anal beads tumblr friends, the man began to get dressed and tried to put on the clothes that he had worn before he made a meal out of them. It took him about 5 minutes to stuff his cock back into his suit pants and even longer for him to try and yank them over his enlarged behind, once they were on though they looked like they were going to burst.

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I sat and I waited, tormented by the visions and sounds of my friends cries but I still sat and did what I was told. I pondered what would become of me when he returned, would I be added to his insane ass or engulfed by his huge cock like Mike?

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Either way, my time on this Earth was limited and I would spend the last of it and most likely the rest of it thinking about the man who turned a group of friends into fat.

Posts Ask me anything Archive. Hey do you have anything you are currently working on? Please do one with a younger brother growing huge and terrorizing his older brother! The unaware guy enjoy teasing the transformer whenever he can Gay anal beads tumblr his cute ass.

Could make a very interesting story! Can you do A lovecraftian story again!!! I like it with the nerd who gets anal votes to see all his call mates inside the teacher in the goo stuff.

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That was really hot. I like more of that content!

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Something with mass vore. Maybe sorry if I ask to much. Hello I would like a long history of vore per face sitting if you could make it very detailed with details.

Can you do part 2 in the teacher story please!? My request is for Zac Efron to be AVed by a bubble butt twink. Or at least a poll where that's an Gay anal beads tumblr. I know you don't come back here very often for obvious reasons, But are you still open to requests? Gay emo panty movies and cute emo boy playing with anal beads tumblr | See the sexiest fat girls on the Internet fucking and sucking big cocks all night long.