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Mint Lounge occupies a prime spot on the San Antonio Sunset Strip, where numerous tourists and locals enjoy an extensive food and cocktail menu daily during the summer.

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Jonny is a popular member of the Ibiza community, with a decade and a half on the island, he has seen the island change dramatically. As Mont Lounge enjoys its busiest summer to date, we grabbed a few minutes if his time to get an idea of what goes into the running of a successful Ibiza venue….

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Mint Lounge is one of the first venues to open on the Sunset Strip, were you surprised at how early the island filled up this summer? When they purchased Mint Lounge it was a little Spanish bar that had lots of potential but was never really busy.

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I always remember the owners saying to me that Mint could be an amazing concept for the strip and would complement Mambo. At the time I was coming into my 10th year working there and it was the idea of my bosses to go into Mint and try to implement the same structure as Mambo but on a smaller scale.

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